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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

For several reasons:

1 – We would like to know you better. It is more personal , we can offer better experiences and is much nicer.

2 – It is a must so the tour guide can call to your room from the lobby of the hotel.

3 – We will check your name with your reservation at the hotel/hostel. If you stay in AIRBNB there is no way to call to anyone but this way we are sure there is no mistakes of the pick up.

We ask for your email so we can answer to you. Your email or personal data will never be share with 3rd parties. This email will be only use for finishing your reservation.

Your cellphone is required for security reasons but also for a better communication. It can be use if we are not sure that you receive our answer by email (some people receive the email to the Junk box or Spam.  One of our team will try to contact you via Whatsapp to be sure you have the proper answer.  We value your time and personal data.  Your cellphone will not be share with any other person or company.

Each country has a numeration, for Argentina is: +54 or 0054

Each country usually has a regional code, for cellphones in Buenos Aires is: 911

Then you have your personal number: 2632-5799

To call us from any part of the world then: +54191126325799 or 005491126325799  (You can message us, or chat with us directly to Whatsapp)

Easy? Try to find out your international code online and your regional code (if you have a regional code)… Talk to you soon.

For several reasons:

1 – Where the tour guide will pick you if we don’t know where you are staying?

2 – To plan better the tour.

3 – We will check that your reservation matches with the hotel/hostel. This way we can be sure that there will be no mistakes at the day of the pick.

If you don’t know yet where you are staying, there is no problem, you can tell us later on, or even ask as for recommendations.

Of course you can. For those who want a tour of 6,30 hours the pick time is set till 14:00. No more than that for a day tour. Any tour staring or finishing after 6 p.m can have a different price from the day tour.

Yes! all the tours are flexible to your needs.

If you choose a private tour it will be 100% flexible.

If you choose the tour in group then we must organize with all the group the pick up time so everyone is happy.

The tours can be done with no limitation of age. Think about anyway how you would like to do the tour and any special need you may have. Some people get tired of walking a lot or they don’t want to do walking tours at all or the can’t walk. If you don’t want or can’t walk long distances then you should request a tour with a driver and a car. We can offer different kind of tours to your needs. Executive Car, Luxury Car, Van, Big buses, etc. We highly recommend to walk Buenos Aires. Every two blocks there is something interesting to see and tell. The tours are designed for you to walk but also for you to relax and enjoy the vibe of the neighborhood. At the end of the day you wont feel that you have walk that much since we strategically put stop in each area so you can relax. Tell us your preferences and we will create the tour you are looking for.

Thats depends on the tour. Usually you don’t have to pay anything in advance. You can pay cash at the day of the tour.

Sometimes we ask for a little fee in advance to block the reservation of a driver, a car or Van.

If you make reservations for a tour in Argentina like Iguazu Falls Experience, then we will need to reserve the Airplane ticket in advance and some other administrative cost. This is the reason why we are going to request some money in advance.